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About Us

A 25-Year Tradition of Excellence

Company Information

Established in 1992 Gourmet Jerky is a California-based company specializing in premium quality beef jerky. Using natural processing techniques and only the freshest ingredients, we are committed to providing most mouth-watering¬† jerky products to the world’s most discriminating customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. We deliver value, quality and service through our superior¬†jerky product.

More About Us

Gourmet Jerky, an artisan jerky company, was established in the Los Angeles area in 1992.

We have created a perfect combination of taste and texture jerky by using natural processing techniques and with only the freshest ingredients. Our mission is to providing the most mouth-watering jerky products to the world’s most discriminating customers. We deliver a superior jerky products with great taste and texture at a fair price with impeccable customer service. Customer satisfaction is 100% guarantee. We still follow the guided mission for over 25 years.

We won’t overwhelm you with hundreds of selections or impress you with fancy packaging, what inside the package is what we care about. We offer only five product lines. All our jerky products are handcrafted with 100% solid meat without sodium nitrate or added monosodium glutamate in an USDA facility in the Los Angeles area. The natural flavor beef and turkey jerkies are sugar free, diabetic friendly high protein snacks.